Home Made face pack for Glowing Skin and Instant Fairness with Lemon and cucumber

You use a variety of face packs to bring accents and gloves on the face. Harmful chemicals are used in the market, readymade face packs, and going to a parlor makes facial costlier. In such a way, you can apply special face masks made from lemon and cucumber at home to bring natural beauty and shine on your face. In the summer, these facials give both the skin coolness and moisture, as well as the bleaching properties present in the lemon, it brings a lot of glow on the cheeks. Let’s tell you, at what type of house can you make these special face packs.
Face pack for freshness on the face

Take out the cucumber pulp and mix it with a few drops of lemon juice and prepare the paste. Keep this pack on the face till 10 minutes and clean the face with plain water. In addition, if you want, add 1-1 teaspoon lemon and cucumber juice on the face and let dry for 5 minutes and then wash with cold water. This will increase your face glow and instant brightness.
Face pack for removing wrinkles from face
Take 2 spoons of curd, half a teaspoon honey, one spoon of lemon juice in a bowl, and mix it with 2 Vitamin E capsules. Now add 3 spoons or grated cucumber paste and apply for 15 minutes on the face. Then wash the face with lukewarm water and thoroughly wash the water.

Facepack for oily skin

Add one half cup cucumber pulp and one teaspoon fresh lemon juice in one spoonful turmeric and apply it on the face. Keep it on the face for 15 minutes and then wash the face with lukewarm water. You can also add an egg in it.
Why are this face packs beneficial?
Advantages of cucumber for skin- In cucumber, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E are found, which helps in keeping the skin healthy and young with many problems removed. Cucumber juice provides coolness by removing the irritation of the skin. Therefore, it also works as an astringent and toner. There is 95 percent water in the cucumber which keeps skin moisturizing.
Advantages of lemon for skin- Like cucumber lemon contains Vitamin C, which cleanses the skin of the skin deep and makes the skin shiny Limes contain antioxidants that increase blood flow in the skin to make it healthier. Apart from the health properties, due to its vitamin C and antioxidant properties it is also rich in beauty properties.

5 Easy Beauty Tips to Avoid Aging, Look Younger From Age

The effect of rising age also appears on your body and face. Wrinkles, wrinkles and loose skin on the face are considered a sign of old age. There are a lot of products available in the market to stop aging, but due to excessive chemicals, this can be harmful to the skin. If you adopt some natural home remedies to stop your aging, your money spent on your expensive products will also be saved and there will be no damage to your skin.
Clean the face with milk at night

There are many elements like milk fat, protein, biotin, vitamin A and vitamin D, which are beneficial for the skin. The use of milk on the skin is beneficial to prevent aging. For this, soak the cotton or clean cotton cloth in a little milk before sleeping in the night and clean it with the face light hands. After thoroughly cleaning the face, apply milk on it and sleep. Wake up in the morning and wash your mouth and take salt in warm water and take a bath. This will also cause the smell of milk and also the skin on the skin. Your routine should include moisturizers and lip balm.

Use of Green Tea for Dark Circles

You can use green tea to remove dark circles from around the eyes. Dip 2 green tea bags into hot water for 2 minutes or use green tea. Put them in the ice water to cool them and then keep them on the eyes for 20 minutes. This reduces the dark circles and wrinkles are also less.

Home remedies for fine lines

In the part of the eyes, face, and forehead, many lines become very fine, which are called fine lines. These are also the starting signs of old age. Egg White (white part of the egg) can be used to remove fine lines. Fry the egg white thoroughly for this and then immerse the cotton wool and put it on fine lines and wrinkles. Leave it like this for an hour. After one hour, clean with a wet cloth and wash your mouth. Egg whitish skin is tight and its flexibility increases.

Lemon for skin scars

Even when there is a scar on the face, you look older than age. Use lemon to reduce these stains. Lemon is the source of vitamin C and potassium. These two elements fight free radicals and protect the skin from being destroyed. Apply 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice on the brownish red stains of your face and wash it in 10 minutes. A few drops of lemon juice can also be mixed with Gulabajal.

Sunscreen before going to the sun

Sun rays start to cause wrinkles on the skin. Therefore, before going to the sunshine, use sunscreen on your skin. Regular use of sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful effects of sun UVA and UVB. It also protects you from tanning and skin cancer.

How to Keep your Skin Moisturize in the Summer , Learn Beautician’s Opinion?

Due to sweat and sunlight in the summer season, the skin moisture quickly goes away. Due to low moisture, the skin glow reduces. Like winter, it is very important to keep moisturizing the skin in the summer too. Beautician Shalini Chadha explains that sweating is more in the summer season, due to which the skin becomes sticky. In such a way, people do not think it is okay to use moisturizers. Actually, there are different moisturizers for summer, which are necessary to use. Apart from this, in order to moisturize the skin during this season, you should take care of some other things too.

Drink enough water
Beauty expert Shalini explains that water is the most important thing for our bodies. The needs of the body water increases during the summer season. Due to the lack of water in the body, it also affects the skin. If your body has enough water, then your skin will remain moisturized. So drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily. Water exchanges toxins from the body, so drinking more water causes the skin to shine.

Put water-based moisturizer

If you use the same moisturizer in the summer, which you used in winter, then your skin will become sticky. Moisturizers are of 2 types. First oil-based moisturizer and second water best moisturizer. In the summer you should use water-based moisturizing. It also retains the skin moisture and the skin is not even sticky.

Find sunscreen

Using sunscreen for skin in summer is very important. Before leaving this house, definitely, need sunscreen and keep it together. Going to the sunlight without sunscreen will end your skin moisture and become a skin tan. Apart from this, harmful ultraviolet rays in the long run also increase the risk of skin cancer.

Never soak the face, always wash face wash

The facial skin is very sensitive and delicate so it should never use soap to wash face. For this, a facial wash is made, which is much safer on the skin of the face. Keep in mind that the use of Mild Facial Wash, rather than a highly chemical hairstyle.

Do not rub Your face

If you always want to keep your face bright, you should never scrub your face without rubbing it. After washing a bath or face wash, always should wash the face with soft towels and scrub the water. It keeps both skin moisture and glows.

Apart from soft and vibrant skin, these 5 benefits meet facials.

Every woman and men want to look beautiful, for which they adopt a few different types of creams, lotions besides some home remedies. So that their skin gets shiny and they look good. There is also a facial option. Many people make facials from time to time to take care of their skin, but there are many people who also think it is a waste of money. While it is not so, if you wish, you can also have facials at home to take care of your skin. A facial is a beauty processor in which skin is cleaned and nurtured with the help of many steps such as cleaning, extraction, steam, acceleration, massage and face masks, etc. Facials keep your skin glowy. Most people do facials and make them because it cleans your skin and nourishes the skin soft and soft. Let us know what benefits the skin has to make from facials.
Clean skin

Due to dust and pollution, your skin becomes lifeless and tidy. This starts to lose the natural glow of the skin and the face gets deteriorated. In this case, facials clean your skin. By the way, we keep cleaning the skin with soap, facewash or many home remedies at home. But still, the skin does not get cleared cleanly. Expert opinion is necessary for such a way that with the help of their help, knowing the type of skin can help clean the skin in different ways. As steam, it helps in opening the throws.

Aging Prevention

As the aging progresses, your skin also starts to lose. So people often guess the ages by looking at people’s faces. Due to aging, wrinkles and fine lines appear on the skin, due to which the skin slows down. Therefore, it is beneficial to get youth brightness even in increasing age. Regular facial and face massages are regenerated of skin cells and help in the development of collagen, which is beneficial for the skin.

Detoxify and Juvenile Skin
Pimples come out on the face due to pollution and dirt fractures on the skin. Therefore, the need to detoxify the skin reads. In this case, facials are a good option for detoxification of the skin. Apart from this, nowadays due to the lifestyle and eating habits, the brightness of the faces of the people goes away before the age. In this case, facials will help to protect your face’s skin, it keeps skin and skin fresh in your skin.

Assist in removing nail-foil

Regular facials help to clean your face so that your face does not have nail fibers. The biggest reason behind being pimples is the dirt stored in the face, which takes the form of a pump. But stubborn stains and pimples can be rid of facials. Apart from this, your skin is soft and shiny by facial and your face glows.

Preventing Blackheads and Dark Circuits

Extraction is an important phase of facial, which can reduce blackheads and whiteheads without harming your skin. Blackheads and whiteheads make the face lifeless by closing your skin’s hair follicles. Blackheads and whiteheads are rarely seen on the faces of people who have facials. Apart from this, dark circulars on the face also make you feel very crappy. Due to not having proper eyesight of the eyes, there can be dark circles under the eyes. Facials also help in reducing dark circles.

Improve blood flow

Having facialized blood circulation is done correctly and the face gets nutrients. Massage is better in blood flow. Facials keep your cells healthy and have brightness and fame in the face. Apart from this, it also helps to keep stress free in a runaway life.

To remove Dead skin cells from the skin, add these 4 things into bath water,

Quick Guide
        Mix lemon juice in bath water, remove skin skin cells from the skin.
        Bathe with rock salt water removes your fatigue and pain.
        Dead skin cells also come out with radish garnish and also comes to skin accumulation.
Due to sunlight and dust in the summer season, your face and hands condition worsens. In the sun the upper cells of your skin are destroyed and your color looks darker. These are called dead skin cells. You use scrubber to remove facial face skin cells. But how to remove whole skin skin cells? If you want to remove dead skin cells from the whole body, then add some special items to your bath water. In these ways, you will get beautiful and nourished skin.
Apple cider vinegar
Mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar (apple vinegar) in your bath water and then take a bath. Apple Cider Vinegar cleans your skin deep skin by removing dead skin cells. After bathing, you will remove all dead skin cells after rubbing the skin with light hands. Apple cider vinegar protects you from odor and skin problems caused by sweating in summer.
Lemon juice
Mix 3 teaspoon lemon juice in your bath water while bathing. The properties of bleaching are found naturally in lemon. Therefore, it will remove the skin skin cells present on the skin and will absorb your skin. During the bath, pour water on the body and rub the skin with light hands. Lemon also relieves you of the sweatiness of sweat.
Rock salt
By adding rock salt in water, bathing is beneficial for you in many ways. Rock salt contains properties that cause pain and swelling. So if there is pain in your body, then add rock salt to your bath water. Besides, bath skin with rock salt leaves also leaves your skin’s dead skin cells. For this, add half a cup of salt in a bucket of water and take bath from it. After this, rub the skin with the hands and clean it.
Take bath with gram flour
Another easy way to remove dead skin cells from skin and to clean skin is gram flour. If you do not want to use soap on the skin during bath, clean the skin with gram flour. Dry skin cells of the gram flours remove the dead skin cells and the minerals present in it enhance your color.

How do you hide the spots that come with age?

How do you hide the spots that come with age
As the aging progresses, many types of scars on the skin begin to emerge, which are called ‘edge spots’. Typically these stains emerge on the face, hands and neck. Most people think that these ‘age spots’ are due to the rising age. But the reason for these scars is the harmful ultraviolet rays of sun. This is the reason why those who live much more in the sun, these ‘edge spots’ begin to appear before age. Typically, such stains are more visible on white skin. Because of these, the beauty of your skin is bad. You can make special face masks at home to remove these ‘edge spots’.
Content to make face masks
2 teaspoons oatmeal
1 teaspoon yogurt
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 tsp turmeric
How to make these face masks
It is easy to make face masks to reduce ‘edge spots’.
Grind the oatmeal thoroughly in the blender and make powder.
Now take 1 spoon of yogurt in a bowl and pour 1 teaspoon oatmeal powder.
Mix lemon juice and turmeric powder in it.
Mix all these ingredients well and make a thick paste.
How to use these face masks
To use this facial mask, first wash the face thoroughly with plain water.
Now place this paste in that part of the face, where you see ‘edge spots’.
Scrub paste with stains in a circular motion with light hands for 5 minutes on the spots.
Put the paste on face for 30 minutes and then wash it with plain water.
After this apply Moisturizer according to your skin on the skin.
You can use this face mask twice a week.
These precautions to use in face masks
All natural things have been used in this face mask and hence there are no side effects. But according to your skin, it is important to take care of some things in its use.
Do not use turmeric to make face mask too much, because it will cause yellowing on your skin.
If your skin is dry, then you should use honey instead of lemon juice. Lemon juice can make your skin more dry.
If you want, you can make this face mask in a little more quantity and store it in the refrigerator. Once you make it, use it for 15 days.

Your skin tanning sunscreen is dangerous for Skin, learn expert opinion

A recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association has triggered controversy over Sunscreen since surfacing information has emerged. The association says that sunscreens can be used to enter our blood stream if they are used continuously. Studies have shown that the amount of chemical that comes from sunscreens in the body is many times more than the permitted level of the American Food and Drug Administration. At the same time, skin diseases experts say sunscreen is essential in sunlight so that the body can be saved from UV rays.
Dr Gaurav Bhardwaj, advisor to the department of dermatology of Saroj Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi, says that before sunset, sunscreen is advised to save the body from UV rays. Sun screen is used to protect the Sun’s ultraviolet rays.
Mr. Vijay Singhal, a dermatologist senior consultant at Balaji Action Medical Institute, told that the effect of UV rays falls on every skin. Many times even after adopting the simple steps to avoid sunlight, the skin is affected even if there is no weather, it is important to use sunscreen cream or lotion when coming out of home or home. You can use sunscreen cream 3 times a day.

Why Use Sunscreen
According to a research, wrinkles on skin, fine lines, skin rupture, effects on skin, UV rays are the biggest cause of zinc before age. Staying in the sun for a long time not only brings blackness on the skin, but also can cause serious health problems related to skin health.
According to the skin, sunscreen should be applied. If your skin is oily, then buy gel or spray sunscreen, it will not show more of your skin. If your skin is loose, then apply sunscreen with lotion or cream, this will protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
Apart from the Sun screen, the other option
In addition to the Sun screen, we can take care of our skin more and more by using drinking water, and taking care of the skin can be taken by wearing all the dresses while leaving the house.
In addition to the Sun screen, you can concentrate on your diet and if you get out in the sun, then cover your face. You can use things like cleaning your skin and toning.

Problems by Using sunscreen
Applying sunscreen can cause problems like skin overcharging and reactions.
Some sunscreen sunscreens found fatal chemicals that can cause skin irritation, rash, itching, and breast cancer. Some small side effects of applying sunscreen lotions are often seen in front of you, but when it takes a fickle look, you should seek the help of the doctor immediately.

Why Use Sunscreen
By continuous sun exposure, the brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles fall on the skin and the skin becomes loose. Sun rays make the skin prematurely. These also damage collagen and flexible tissues. Using regular sunscreen, the skin remains soft and uniform tone. If you stay at home then get 15 SPF sunscreen, leave the house, then wear SPF 30 sunscreen. Use facewash instead of soap, it will clean the face and its moisture will not stole. Use the microfibrizer regularly, this will keep moisture in the skin.
According to the study of the Journal of the American Medical Association, 24 people used four sunscreens, including spray, lotion, cream on 75 percent of their body for four days. After seven days, the blood of those people was examined to check the level of chemicals absorbed in their blood.
On the basis of this investigation, scientists said that they did not know the effects of plasma concentration beyond the permitted limit of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), therefore there is a need to further study. He said that before using any sunscreen, the advice of skin diseases specialist should be taken.

Add These 4 foods to Make your Skin Glowing & Healthy

The right diet is essential for the health, the same for your skin. It is also important not only skin care and beauty products, but also taking a healthy diet. Your food has a great effect on your skin. So you can add some foods to your diet to take care of your skin so that your skin looks healthy and rusty. Let us tell you, about some foods that keep your skin healthy and beautiful while strengthening your digestive system. So you do not need to depend on cosmetics to take care of your skin. All you have to do is make some changes in your diet. These are some of the foods that you can get your skin glowing by including your diet.



Egg is rich in protein, it helps remove black stains from your skin and helps reduce skin tanning. It also protects your skin from damage caused by sunlight and pollution. Therefore, you must include the egg in your diet, it is beneficial for both your health and skin. You can also use it by making egg masks. For this, you can apply the white part of the egg on your face as face mask. It will absorb excess oil from your skin and help to remove the pimples. It is also beneficial for oily skin. You can get bright and soft skin from the face mask of the egg made at home.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate can hardly be liked by anyone. But if not, then maybe you will start liking it. Because dark chocolate can help to overcome your skin problems. The presence of cocoa in dark chocolate helps keep the skin healthy. Cocoa powder contains high atoxidant properties, which protects your skin from harm. According to many studies, intake of dark chocolate can also keep your heart health better. So you can add dark chocolate to your favorite food list.

Green tea

Green Tea

Often people consume green tea for weight loss. But do you know that green tea can also be extremely beneficial for your skin. Green tea can make your skin glowing and healthy. It contains rich antioxidant properties, which help protect your skin against losses caused by sunlight and pollution. So you can consume two cups of green in the day. It will also be beneficial for the skin with reducing your weight.



Tomatoes contain Vitamin C and many other nutrients, which are beneficial for your skin. The presence of lycopene in tomatoes is a powerful antioxidant that is good for your skin. Apart from this, it is also present in many other fruits such as guava, guava and grapes. You can apply this face pack by making tomato puree. This will reduce the dark circles and it is also beneficial to remove tanning.

Top 3 Foods to grow you hair faster

Everyone wants long hair, as long hair is considered as the symbol of beauty and resemblance. But not everyone is too much lucky enough to make their dream of getting long hair successful. People spend thousands of dollars in many branded Hair Oils and Shampoos to make their Hair Long and Healthy but only a limited number of people get successful. It takes much time to grow hair, also the growth of hair depends on many factors like diet, genetics and age. But if you take proper food with a balanced diet then it can surely help in growing your hair faster. So Today in this article we are going to talk about Top 3 Foods to grow you hair faster.


The first food to help your hair grow faster is none other than the great veggie called carrot. Carrot is considered as the best vegetable’s to boost your hair growth as it contains many fibers and vitamin properties like Vitamin B, C, E. These fibers and Vitamins help in the overall health of the scalp. Add some carrots to every food recipe that you cook or you can also take raw carrots as it is sweet in taste and you’ll have no problem to eat it ripe. Also you can make some juice out of it and drink it whenever you want. Just refrigerate the juice by making in huge quantity and drink it whenever you want whether you are in Office or Home.

The Second food that definitely helps in growing your hair faster are eggs, eggs are a very common form of food for almost every other person in the whole world. Eggs contain very high protein that are both good for the body and the hair. If you consume a boiled egg everyday without any spices and salt, it will definitely help in repairing your damaged hair and making it healthier. so when the hair is damage free and healthier the chances of its growth also gets more and more faster. Eggs contain many magical properties that are proved to repair damaged hair from both inside and out. So it might be Sunday or Monday it doesn’t matter but you should everyday eat at least one egg if you want long and healthy hair.

The Third food that promotes hair growth faster is Spinach, spinach is a very leafy kind of food that is very much beneficial for the body and hair. Spinach contains Vitamins A,C and and a large amount of Iron in it that ensures healthier hair growth. Make Sure to eat as much Spinach you can as it is very beneficial for your body and hair. You might be familiar of a Carton Series called “Popeye-The Sailor” where a sailor called “Popeye” used to always eat Spinach and it used to give him energy to fight his enemies. So this is what resembles the power of Spinach as it is considered useful for energy of both the body and hair.

So these are some of the foods that surely helps in growing hair faster and makes your hair more and more healthier. Make sure to consume these 3 foods almost everyday for better health of your body and hair.

Best Benefits of Coconut Oil for Better Hair Growth

Hair is one of the most important part of our body, it resembles beauty of youth and if these hairs start falling one by one than nothing is more devastating than this in life for someone who loves his/her hair so much. So those who loves their hair so much, they apply many branded hair fall control or anti-hairfall oils and conditioners but the truth is that most of the products are worthless and are total crap when it comes to giving the desired results. also most of these products end up giving side-effects which might be more harmful for the hair. So this is the reason why you should always go with the nature. Coconut Oil is considered as a Miracle Oil for hair growth and to control hairfall. So Today in this article we are going to know about some of the Best Benefits of Coconut Oil for Better Hair Growth.

Coconut Oil is considered the best hair oil for almost every hair problem that you go through. Of Course it is devoid of any side effects and chemical formulations as because it it a natural oil. Coconut oil contains very Vitamin properties that are known to promote hair growth faster without any artificial properties whatsoever. Just take a little bit of Coconut Oil in your Hand and apply it all over you hair. Though many people doesn’t like the smell of coconut so in this case you can add a little bit of Jasmine oil to keep your hair Fragranced.

Also Coconut Oil is considered best to remove Dandruff and make the Hair Look Clean and healthier. Coconut Oil contains fatty acid that is considered a blessing inorder to fight dandruff effectively. it contains no side effect and is good to be applied on hair without any worries. You just need to add some coconut oil in a bowl and some castor oil. Now Mix this two ingredients into a sticky mixture as a medicine to treat dandruff and get rid of it Permanently. Just Apply this mixture every night and wash it off with cold water in the morning. You can feel a visible change on your hair and gradually decreasing the number of dandruff with every wash.

Coconut Oil also works as a natural hair conditioner, instead of spending so much money on branded conditioners, those which seems to be promising but are no way effective in making your hair smooth and silky apply coconut oil. Coconut Oil contains many nourishment properties that nourishes your hair from the root to the tip. Just Apply a little bit of coconut oil after every hair wash or shampoo you do and wash it off with some cold water. This will definitely make your Hair Healthy and Smooth. You’ll be able to feel the smoothness in your hair whenever you hold it on your hands.

So these are some of the Best Benefits of Coconut Oil for Better Hair Growth , so just apply these following remedies on your hair and you’ll be able to see and experience the power of coconut oil in making you hair smooth, healthy and dandruff-free permanently.