Top 3 Foods to grow you hair faster

Everyone wants long hair, as long hair is considered as the symbol of beauty and resemblance. But not everyone is too much lucky enough to make their dream of getting long hair successful. People spend thousands of dollars in many branded Hair Oils and Shampoos to make their Hair Long and Healthy but only a limited number of people get successful. It takes much time to grow hair, also the growth of hair depends on many factors like diet, genetics and age. But if you take proper food with a balanced diet then it can surely help in growing your hair faster. So Today in this article we are going to talk about Top 3 Foods to grow you hair faster.


The first food to help your hair grow faster is none other than the great veggie called carrot. Carrot is considered as the best vegetable’s to boost your hair growth as it contains many fibers and vitamin properties like Vitamin B, C, E. These fibers and Vitamins help in the overall health of the scalp. Add some carrots to every food recipe that you cook or you can also take raw carrots as it is sweet in taste and you’ll have no problem to eat it ripe. Also you can make some juice out of it and drink it whenever you want. Just refrigerate the juice by making in huge quantity and drink it whenever you want whether you are in Office or Home.

The Second food that definitely helps in growing your hair faster are eggs, eggs are a very common form of food for almost every other person in the whole world. Eggs contain very high protein that are both good for the body and the hair. If you consume a boiled egg everyday without any spices and salt, it will definitely help in repairing your damaged hair and making it healthier. so when the hair is damage free and healthier the chances of its growth also gets more and more faster. Eggs contain many magical properties that are proved to repair damaged hair from both inside and out. So it might be Sunday or Monday it doesn’t matter but you should everyday eat at least one egg if you want long and healthy hair.

The Third food that promotes hair growth faster is Spinach, spinach is a very leafy kind of food that is very much beneficial for the body and hair. Spinach contains Vitamins A,C and and a large amount of Iron in it that ensures healthier hair growth. Make Sure to eat as much Spinach you can as it is very beneficial for your body and hair. You might be familiar of a Carton Series called “Popeye-The Sailor” where a sailor called “Popeye” used to always eat Spinach and it used to give him energy to fight his enemies. So this is what resembles the power of Spinach as it is considered useful for energy of both the body and hair.

So these are some of the foods that surely helps in growing hair faster and makes your hair more and more healthier. Make sure to consume these 3 foods almost everyday for better health of your body and hair.

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