To remove Dead skin cells from the skin, add these 4 things into bath water,

Quick Guide
        Mix lemon juice in bath water, remove skin skin cells from the skin.
        Bathe with rock salt water removes your fatigue and pain.
        Dead skin cells also come out with radish garnish and also comes to skin accumulation.
Due to sunlight and dust in the summer season, your face and hands condition worsens. In the sun the upper cells of your skin are destroyed and your color looks darker. These are called dead skin cells. You use scrubber to remove facial face skin cells. But how to remove whole skin skin cells? If you want to remove dead skin cells from the whole body, then add some special items to your bath water. In these ways, you will get beautiful and nourished skin.
Apple cider vinegar
Mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar (apple vinegar) in your bath water and then take a bath. Apple Cider Vinegar cleans your skin deep skin by removing dead skin cells. After bathing, you will remove all dead skin cells after rubbing the skin with light hands. Apple cider vinegar protects you from odor and skin problems caused by sweating in summer.
Lemon juice
Mix 3 teaspoon lemon juice in your bath water while bathing. The properties of bleaching are found naturally in lemon. Therefore, it will remove the skin skin cells present on the skin and will absorb your skin. During the bath, pour water on the body and rub the skin with light hands. Lemon also relieves you of the sweatiness of sweat.
Rock salt
By adding rock salt in water, bathing is beneficial for you in many ways. Rock salt contains properties that cause pain and swelling. So if there is pain in your body, then add rock salt to your bath water. Besides, bath skin with rock salt leaves also leaves your skin’s dead skin cells. For this, add half a cup of salt in a bucket of water and take bath from it. After this, rub the skin with the hands and clean it.
Take bath with gram flour
Another easy way to remove dead skin cells from skin and to clean skin is gram flour. If you do not want to use soap on the skin during bath, clean the skin with gram flour. Dry skin cells of the gram flours remove the dead skin cells and the minerals present in it enhance your color.

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