How to get Rid of Sun Tan Naturally?

Summer is the most devastating season, the burning sun light makes it very difficult to go out as it burns the skin and makes it tan. Sun Tan is very common in the face and the body due to the Ultra-Violet Radiations of the Sun. Therefore, if we even apply Sun Screen Lotions and Creams it washes away with intense sweat, also you can’t visit a parlor everyday as it is very much expensive and time consuming. Therefore, going to a parlor everyday is not everyone’s cup of tea as everyone can’t afford the cost and time that it consumes. So, today in this article we are going to talk about some natural ingredients that are obviously cost effective and are easily available at our home and are extremely effective in removing Sun Tan.

The first ingredient is Turmeric Powder, as we all know that turmeric powder is a very common kitchen ingredient and useful in almost every spicy dishes that you cook so ultimately it is easily available. Also Turmeric is considered very beneficial in glowing the skin.So you just need to take some fresh raw milk, some fresh lemon juice and mix them well with 2 tablespoon of Turmeric Powder. Mix these three ingredients well for about a minute or two and then when it forms into a thin paste. Take the paste in your hands and apply it gently on your face on a circular motion for about 2 to 3 minutes. After applying leave it to dry and then wash it off with cold water. It will definitely help you to remove your sun tan very effectively without any side effects.

The Second ingredient is Sugar, Sugar is a very common ingredient that used in  almost 4-5 times in a day. You make Coffee, Tea or any sweet dessert with sugar so sugar is also easily available in your kitchen. Just add some fresh Lemon Juice and one and a half tablespoon of sugar. Now mix them well unless the sugar crystals melts into the lemon juice. Apply this liquid mixture with a piece of cotton gently on your face. Make sure to apply it wherever you have sun Tan on your face and Body. As soon as the mixture dries wash it off with cold water. This mixture will surely help you to get rid of your Sun Tan easily.

The Third Ingredient is Rose Water, now Rose Water might not be a kitchen ingredient but is surely available at a local grocery shop. So you just need to take some 3 tablespoons of Rose Water and some sliced raw cucumber and 2 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. Now grind these ingredients into a Mixer Grinder. When it forms into a thin paste, apply this paste with a piece of cotton on your face. Leave it to dry for a few minutes, after it dries completely wash it off with some cold water. While the rose water and lemon juice will work for removing your sun tan and the cucumber will leave a cool and soothing effect on the face. This ingredient is very much helpful to remove sun tan and give a refreshing feeling on the face naturally.

So these are some of the ingredients which helps you to get rid of sun tan in this burning summer season. So now you don’t need to waste a dime in parlors and expensive lotions and creams as you are being able to remove sun tan with the most common kitchen ingredients easily available at your home. Now go out in sun, without the tension of getting tanned as you are ready with these effective ingredients to fight back sun.