Home Made face pack for Glowing Skin and Instant Fairness with Lemon and cucumber

You use a variety of face packs to bring accents and gloves on the face. Harmful chemicals are used in the market, readymade face packs, and going to a parlor makes facial costlier. In such a way, you can apply special face masks made from lemon and cucumber at home to bring natural beauty and shine on your face. In the summer, these facials give both the skin coolness and moisture, as well as the bleaching properties present in the lemon, it brings a lot of glow on the cheeks. Let’s tell you, at what type of house can you make these special face packs.
Face pack for freshness on the face

Take out the cucumber pulp and mix it with a few drops of lemon juice and prepare the paste. Keep this pack on the face till 10 minutes and clean the face with plain water. In addition, if you want, add 1-1 teaspoon lemon and cucumber juice on the face and let dry for 5 minutes and then wash with cold water. This will increase your face glow and instant brightness.
Face pack for removing wrinkles from face
Take 2 spoons of curd, half a teaspoon honey, one spoon of lemon juice in a bowl, and mix it with 2 Vitamin E capsules. Now add 3 spoons or grated cucumber paste and apply for 15 minutes on the face. Then wash the face with lukewarm water and thoroughly wash the water.

Facepack for oily skin

Add one half cup cucumber pulp and one teaspoon fresh lemon juice in one spoonful turmeric and apply it on the face. Keep it on the face for 15 minutes and then wash the face with lukewarm water. You can also add an egg in it.
Why are this face packs beneficial?
Advantages of cucumber for skin- In cucumber, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E are found, which helps in keeping the skin healthy and young with many problems removed. Cucumber juice provides coolness by removing the irritation of the skin. Therefore, it also works as an astringent and toner. There is 95 percent water in the cucumber which keeps skin moisturizing.
Advantages of lemon for skin- Like cucumber lemon contains Vitamin C, which cleanses the skin of the skin deep and makes the skin shiny Limes contain antioxidants that increase blood flow in the skin to make it healthier. Apart from the health properties, due to its vitamin C and antioxidant properties it is also rich in beauty properties.

How do you hide the spots that come with age?

How do you hide the spots that come with age
As the aging progresses, many types of scars on the skin begin to emerge, which are called ‘edge spots’. Typically these stains emerge on the face, hands and neck. Most people think that these ‘age spots’ are due to the rising age. But the reason for these scars is the harmful ultraviolet rays of sun. This is the reason why those who live much more in the sun, these ‘edge spots’ begin to appear before age. Typically, such stains are more visible on white skin. Because of these, the beauty of your skin is bad. You can make special face masks at home to remove these ‘edge spots’.
Content to make face masks
2 teaspoons oatmeal
1 teaspoon yogurt
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 tsp turmeric
How to make these face masks
It is easy to make face masks to reduce ‘edge spots’.
Grind the oatmeal thoroughly in the blender and make powder.
Now take 1 spoon of yogurt in a bowl and pour 1 teaspoon oatmeal powder.
Mix lemon juice and turmeric powder in it.
Mix all these ingredients well and make a thick paste.
How to use these face masks
To use this facial mask, first wash the face thoroughly with plain water.
Now place this paste in that part of the face, where you see ‘edge spots’.
Scrub paste with stains in a circular motion with light hands for 5 minutes on the spots.
Put the paste on face for 30 minutes and then wash it with plain water.
After this apply Moisturizer according to your skin on the skin.
You can use this face mask twice a week.
These precautions to use in face masks
All natural things have been used in this face mask and hence there are no side effects. But according to your skin, it is important to take care of some things in its use.
Do not use turmeric to make face mask too much, because it will cause yellowing on your skin.
If your skin is dry, then you should use honey instead of lemon juice. Lemon juice can make your skin more dry.
If you want, you can make this face mask in a little more quantity and store it in the refrigerator. Once you make it, use it for 15 days.

Add These 4 foods to Make your Skin Glowing & Healthy

The right diet is essential for the health, the same for your skin. It is also important not only skin care and beauty products, but also taking a healthy diet. Your food has a great effect on your skin. So you can add some foods to your diet to take care of your skin so that your skin looks healthy and rusty. Let us tell you, about some foods that keep your skin healthy and beautiful while strengthening your digestive system. So you do not need to depend on cosmetics to take care of your skin. All you have to do is make some changes in your diet. These are some of the foods that you can get your skin glowing by including your diet.



Egg is rich in protein, it helps remove black stains from your skin and helps reduce skin tanning. It also protects your skin from damage caused by sunlight and pollution. Therefore, you must include the egg in your diet, it is beneficial for both your health and skin. You can also use it by making egg masks. For this, you can apply the white part of the egg on your face as face mask. It will absorb excess oil from your skin and help to remove the pimples. It is also beneficial for oily skin. You can get bright and soft skin from the face mask of the egg made at home.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate can hardly be liked by anyone. But if not, then maybe you will start liking it. Because dark chocolate can help to overcome your skin problems. The presence of cocoa in dark chocolate helps keep the skin healthy. Cocoa powder contains high atoxidant properties, which protects your skin from harm. According to many studies, intake of dark chocolate can also keep your heart health better. So you can add dark chocolate to your favorite food list.

Green tea

Green Tea

Often people consume green tea for weight loss. But do you know that green tea can also be extremely beneficial for your skin. Green tea can make your skin glowing and healthy. It contains rich antioxidant properties, which help protect your skin against losses caused by sunlight and pollution. So you can consume two cups of green in the day. It will also be beneficial for the skin with reducing your weight.



Tomatoes contain Vitamin C and many other nutrients, which are beneficial for your skin. The presence of lycopene in tomatoes is a powerful antioxidant that is good for your skin. Apart from this, it is also present in many other fruits such as guava, guava and grapes. You can apply this face pack by making tomato puree. This will reduce the dark circles and it is also beneficial to remove tanning.

Best Benefits of Baking Soda for Skin


Everyone prefers brands and artificial products to treat their healthcare problems, skin care problems. People spend thousands of dollars in treating their skincare problems. But, one thing which is for certain is that these artificial products cause more skin problems instead of curing them due to severe side effects that pertains with those products. So instead of spending some dollars in those crappy health products just look for natural remedies and ingredients that are easily available at your home. One of those miraculous ingredients which is easily available in your kitchen is Baking Soda. So Today in these article we are going to know about the Best Benefits of Baking Soda for Skin.

Why to Spend money on several Dark Spot reducing ointments and Face wash if they doesn’t work in reducing the dark spots? When Baking Soda can be used for reducing Dark Spots effectively. Baking Soda acts as a scrub and has many natural properties in Lightning and reducing the dark spots. Take two tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and one tablespoon of Baking Soda and mix it well in a bowl for about 2-3 minutes, until it becomes a thin paste. Now apply this thin paste on your face and the affected areas of your skin, after that pat dry for 20-25 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. You’ll see the dark spots becoming lighter day by day. Do this for at least 6 months and twice in a week to see visible results.

Baking Soda can be used for many life-changing benefits which are absurd. If you wish to achieve a glowing skin without any cosmetic creams or make up essentials then the Baking Soda will get to work as Baking Soda has many skin lightning properties that makes the skin supple and soft from inside and out and leaves an everlasting glow on the face. So how to Apply Baking Soda for a glowing skin? You just need to take two tablespoons of fresh orange juice and one tablespoon of Baking Soda and mix them well with a spoon for at least 3 minutes. After it forms into a thin paste, apply this Paste on your face and neck and pat dry for at least 10-15 minutes. As soon as it gets dry, clean your face with cold water and rub the water from face with a soft towel. Apply the past twice in a week in the evening and you can see a visible change on your face after about 2 months of usage.
If your skin is acne-prone or you lots of acne on your skin and you have spent several dollars in buying expensive ointments that claimed to reduce your acne in a week or a month but hadn’t given any results even after using for a year. Then you can use Baking Soda to reduce your acne in a very shorter span of time. All you need to do is take one and a half tablespoon of pure honey (without added sugar) and one and a half tablespoon of Baking Soda. Mix these two into a thin paste by stirring them for approximately 2 minutes. Apply this thin paste on the affected areas of your face (wherever you have acne on your face). Apply the paste gently so that it doesn’t hurt your skin. Keep the paste applied on your face for almost 20 minutes until it dries fully. After that wash your face with cold water and rub it with a clean and soft towel. You can see your acne diminishing in 2-3 months of continuous usage.
So these are some of the benefits of Baking Soda for Skin. These are some of the tested benefits of Baking Soda and are devoid of any side effects whatsoever. So stop spending money on costly creams and face washes for glowing skin, reducing dark spots, reducing acne as they are of no use and might cause many skin problems if are not used under proper precautions and experience the miraculous benefits of Baking Soda for Skin.